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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  June 30, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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fifth the >> just hours before a deadline they send the state budget into law tonight and to say he cut $375 million from the lawmakers' plan. >> the new spending plan for illinois starting tomorrow already cut by lawmakers $171 million and public school funds also cuts. this despite a 67% increase in the income tax rate. >> what are the new cuts that the governor has made rick? >> this is a budget plan of $33 billion. the governor indicated
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with his actions that he thinks lawmakers still have the unfinished business. in the $376 million he cut tonight 276 man came out of reimbursement rates from hospitals. hospitals already say they are owed millions of dollars from the state. this is something that educators have been complaining about and could say it is from the same level of last year. quinn has wanted to do away with them he says there is money in the budget to make those changes. >> did we expect to come down to the water like this? >> he said he went through the budget line by line and find some duplication errors that really do not save the state any
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money and we have been awaiting an announcement at 4:00 tonight. >> we're just hours away from mayor rahm emanuel's concession a promising that without an agreement on $20 million in savings by midnight tonight he will cut 625 workers. layoff notices could begin going out as early as tomorrow, a fax. >> the national football league now has some company the nfl lockout still in place. >> rich king here to tell us what this is all about. >> it does not look good for the nba. after meeting for three hours they announced a lockout at 11:00 tonight. the owners say
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they have 22 of 33 nba teams that are losing money. >> i am not scared, i am resigned to the potential damage that it can cause to our league. as i said earlier all of the people that are looking for the league and as we get deeper into it these things have the capacity to take on a life of their own. >> our guys are anxious to get a deal. to make sure there is a fair deal for them and so we
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have been trying from both sides. >> these things always go down to the wire. >> a police drunk staying in goes bad, a car rolling over in several people are hurt. police say the suspect is a known drug dealer in the area living in a half million dollar home in frankfurt, he was actually had to federal prison in two weeks for drug-related offenses, police are defending their decision to make the arrest during a busy afternoon. at 145 this afternoon in a busy strip
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mall parking lot an undercover officer attempted to arrest a group of drug dealers that were in a silver cadillac sedan. when the officers moved in the cadillac took off witnesses say the world least two police cars in pursuit. they were riding on their rims and there were a couple of undercover police cars chasing them and at that time i saw them try to get away and they were rammed a few times and then they tried to face towards the intersection appeared, there was issued out at one point the cadillac hit this white chevy suv causing it to flip over. the undercover cops inside were injured. >> no civilians were injured. it was struck by his vehicle and wound up there. >> several other cars were also damaged during the pursuit
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police say the suspect and the cadillac for a gun and a kilo of cocaine out the window. he was shot multiple times by the officers in taken to hospital in critical condition to a police officer suspended their petition to make the drug bust and a busy parking lot in broad daylight. >> i think it's a testament to the people who did this that no one else was injured. >> we are told that four officers were injured but none of their injuries were life- threatening. >> a two-time still wig, a man chargedstole way. he was arrested
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at lax airport when he boarded with unexpired boarding pass, he did get on a flight a few days ago after polling this same track on a flight from new york to l.a., transportation security administration says the screening system failed, he lives in willowbrook illinois and does business in chicago. >> let's check in with tom skilling in the weather center. >> we have power outs, power poles have been snapped in trees down all the way from kenosha. this approaching extreme heat is tangling with the jet stream, for average now has been blowing up down the length of the lake but we have these walls a sweeping the western shoreline of lake michigan and they tahawwur to 57,000 ft. and they
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are moving southward at about 40 mi. per hour and are not reaching very far west. indiana is being hard hit with flooding rains. much more and all of the extreme heat and that is on the way coming up. >> chicago's mayor holding a town hall meeting on facebook. >> the questions our new mayor got into what he posted back. >> when a boy gets a much needed therapy dog.
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>> you are going to get an idea in this process that is going to be a termination of an idea to help solve something that other people are experiencing and then have a responsibility as a steward of the city on behalf of the public voters to stay in
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touch with them. >> that is mayor emanuel during the first ever town hall meeting during the internet he got more than 500 questions by a facebook and twitter. he said bringing in new businesses will be key. he said of ewing sites around the city including one at a local community college bade. >> the popular attraction may even expand. >>it will keep the museum right where it is. >> navy pier chicago's no. 1 tourist attraction drawn some 8 million visitors annually, announced a plan. the plan foresees a major expansion of the chicago shakespeare theatre in did envisions the chicago
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children's museum staying put the spreading out scrapping the museum's earlier controversial plan to relocate to grand park, the peer revitalization plan was rolled out a joint meeting that is this a city agency that owns and operates the pier and navy pier and a new nonprofit organization that is starting tomorrow will govern and to manage the pier. the plan which passed muster with both boards also called for increased green space in the upgraded landscapes and more restaurants and down the line perhaps a boutique hotel. >> this is a concept that in the future we will sit down and explore with developers to further explore feasibility, i do not think this is something that may be pure is an entity would be investing in, i think in order for this to move forward we would need to have a development partner. >> navy pier will be
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unbelievably spectacular. >> the projected price tag is $155 million give or take. >> while the number is big the number is not if you remember millennia park, it is not to unachievable, it is realistic. >> the financial package is subject to change as the redevelopment moves forward but navy . >> a stolen sirupy dog turned one boy's life upside down. syrupytherapy dog turned a young boy's life upside-down. >> dean richards reviews the new cirque de so late show in town.
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story of a boy and his dog with a happy ending, we told you about that young man who relied on his therapy dog for emotional help until was stolen. here comes the happy part. >> meets oliver the puppy fresh off the plane from oklahoma met his new owner this nine year old, the unexpectedly click right away. marriott is severely
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autistic she cannot believe he connected with the puppy before they even left the airport. he kisses with his forehead, oliver got a lot of kisses this afternoon. just two weeks ago the boy lost his his a therapy dog when it was stolen. the air and the bad news and asked the public for help. without peanut marriott was refusing to eat. he understood not only destroy the family faced with their special needs a son but the importance of a pet to help them through it. and i am blind in the left eye and my right eye is 50% because of my diabetes, i have a small dog downstairs internee ms. lacey and she is a right by my side 247 and when i saw that
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here on the news. >> paying for the dog was not easy he was finally able to buy all over for the family. united airlines shipped it for free and they gave the family of $1,500 gift that includes five years of free shots to the dog, one year's supply of food in the chip to help located in case he ever went missing. the boy may not able to articulate his feelings but his actions say at all. his mother is grateful for the outpouring of generosity from strangers. >> i don't think that will ever be able to pay them back for that. >> now the governor behind bars, is this a trend that is going on?
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>> political cartoonist and blogger address a few conclusions about what the blagojevich's conviction means. >> so another governor goes to jail here in illinois. maybe this is the culture of corruption in our state. probably not. but even with all of my sympathy and still hold out hope that we can do better, because you and i deserve it. but first we have to get into our heads that things like having nine body guards, or making a brazilian dollars off of city business when you are an elected city official is wrong for people who think like me in the u we are called to gogos here in illinois. but there's nothingyou know how i know that the
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people of illinois are ready for clean on this government? a couple weeks ago i started a cartoon caption contents and the chicago tribune it runs every wednesday if you have not seen it check it out or go to chicago you can enter your own captions, the responses have been overwhelming, thousands and thousands of submissions. clever funny, engaged. these are people who care. and these are people who deserve better than what we have got. and now more than ever is at the time to demand it. that is my stand is for now. >> still to come what she did a little bit differently made this social studies teacher the teacher of the month.
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>> what you can order off the drink lust that could benefit almost as good as exercise. list that could benefit almost as much as exercise.
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every now and then students meet teachers that they cannot say enough good things about. >> she is the most energetic teacher i have ever had. >> i think she is amazing. >> my mom center letter because she heard about how much she cares about us. >> she has made it fun to actually come to social studies.
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>> i am overwhelmed i don't even know how to respond. >> perhaps the answer is to keep on doing what you have been doing. kathy as a social studies teacher at oak grove school in north suburban green oaks who has been teaching for more than 20 years when it comes to her students for goal over the year has remained constant. >> number one i want them to leave here with knowledge with the area's history, but it also want them to leave here feeling very confident about themselves in that they can achieve and know that they have worked hard and that there is success at the end. >> we are going to see if anybody has been paying attention to the news since we have not had our newscast and about three weeks. >> she does news test where she gives us a sheet in goes through
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every single current events and she wants to hear the students' opinions on it like oil spills and johnston know your actual opinions. >> we didn't pick up a text book once and we learned so much. >> inside and outside of the classroom she is a staunch believer in community service. >> i take four of them and we got to the soup kitchen and waukegan and it gives them a sense of community and a day realize how lucky they are and that is not too far from us and i think they come back with a sense of wow, what can we do to help out to mark >> it made me take a different perspective on everything that goes on.
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>> that's what she enjoys hearing, they want to be involved. she is committed to putting them on the right track. >> and the moment we have all been waiting for. >> it is my honor to present you with the teacher of the month award. >> thank you very much. >> and wgn congratulates you to for the teacher of the month. if applause is a barometer on the scale from 1-10 cathy mahoney is attend. >> i love that news test that she does. >> to market is going to be both tom skilling forecast for the fourth of july weekend is muggy and sometimes rainey.
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>> these are hailstorms collected and the wgn parking lot this year. powerful storms, power is out in the design and beach and the state park have been damaged. trees and power lines snapped so while the weather today. and a lightning
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displays that are just amazing. it is the heat that is driving a lot of this. you will see the thunderstorms have been running down the lake for hours. look at them and you are going to see the rain chaps' start coming out of these clouds. then here comes the rain is sweeping and with 81 mi. per hour winds reported tonight to just off the shoreline. so a really wild weather and quite a hot spell to follow. the storms have been erupting in upper michigan and northeast wisconsin and running down the lake, here is what looks like at 9:30 a.m., already some storms coming. watch what happens as we animate this and
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we get these bands each. here is the current state of affairs, these things to our 47,000 up to 57. 57,000 ft. in the atmosphere. it looks like we are about ready to turn this off in northeastern illinois here with this latest batch going through but we have some rough hours. we can lay in the lightning here for you it is amazing how storms that are fueled by heat as intense as the heat that we have going on to the west, our prolific lightning producers. there are likely to
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be some more before this is all over, here is what is happening to make all of this happen. here is the doppler part of the precipitation and these storms have been in in ds so there are flood watches in effect there. this hot air dome has a jet stream. tamara and moves over us so thatwe have had 81 m.p.h. gusts. our in-house model suggests it may come down here in parts of lower michigan. in also some weather but cameras here shows
9:34 pm
the storms moving in and lincoln park. it is 79 at o'hare. a 170 degree icould be one of the hotter days in years tomorrow. here is the dome of feet which expands and is its year and then it backs up again for us and that brings some moderated in it hit 108
9:35 pm
and 96 in omaha. here are the current reading is still 91, 77 green bay but this is the dome of heat that spreads into our area during the day tomorrow, we are eight degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. moderate mold spores here you see the winds were it is yellow and red they're blowing and this is the flow that blast that warmth in here tomorrow and here is a front vessels across the area saturday in the afternoon as we keep the atmosphere to market will be such a thick layer of warmth we turn off the rain production as the front comes and we can pop that cap on saturday and develop some storms in the afternoon.
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partly cloudy. move will 67 shoreline, 73 england. tamara mostly sunny and windy and intensely hot 98 tamara with storms perhaps land bring in the morning red wine gets praise from the couch potatoes. they say could almost make up for their lack of exercise. >> circus performers take on the life of bugs in their newest show.
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>> in tonight's medical watch if you are nearsighted you may not see far into the future without major i complications a new study finds people aboard nearsighted are nearly twice as likely to develop glaucoma, one- third of all americans have
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muscle deterioration it is no substitute for exercise but it may counter the effects of not exercising. the most amazing space-age treadmill, i got on it today is to help people with a knee hit ankle and back problems. we have video in the anti gravity treadmill filled with air you run and it will add back waite as necessary you can see how works to eliminate pain, it works for people with arthritis and all kinds of injuries and just to help you get in better shape. >>it was astounding, my knees did not hurt at all. i cannot tell you the last time my knees didn't hurt. coming up trampolines and tumbling, the latest show. >> and a wild afternoon at
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9:45 pm
incidents occurred yesterday appeared >> man had bought to very quickly up to her bent over went to take a picture i heard the phone clicked and the way the phone was in where the picture was of inappropriate things. am i saw that she was being weird and looking around and she told my mom about it. >> edwin was arrested after family members alerted police charged with public indecency position of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, he works for a security firm. he was also parole can earlier this month after serving time for theft. he was not a park district employee he was now working at the time but he was still in his s m g uniform. we tried
9:46 pm
contacting the security company and no one has been available for comment. >> anymore fail back there in the weather office? >> we have had some reports of large hail continuing. baseball size tail reported near wrigley field that we are trying to confirm, high temperatures out to the west. record highs and 100 and a in dodge city kansas. this was the result, the thunderstorms that are firing along the north to south of jet stream and shooting southward from northern to upper michigan. there's the thunderstorm watch their runs for several more hours. the sun will emerge after
9:47 pm
some patchy morning clouds and may be a lingering showers storm across the lake but there's the next batch of storms that the vote saturday afternoon and high pressure comes in on sunday and monday. here is our model forecast see how the storm is a swim farther and farther east and here we are in the morning but watches that cap gets established how the clouds clear out so we are in good shape and we have some pretty good rains the rainfall that may come saturday afternoon. tomorrow it should show up to 98 or something pretty close to it, one of the hotter temperatures here in nine years i'm sorry five years. 92 saturday cooling as thunderstorms, and later in the day and those could be active they will not affect everybody in they will not be all day rains.
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a pretty good fourth weekend. >> those pig pens that the united center means that cirque de sully is in town. >> and you do not want to miss the group's latest performance. >> high-flying excitement is what you expect and that is what you get with their new show obo. this was one of my favorite, just one of the 12 performances of the new production. lovely and funny. contortion anti wire acts all presented in our full elegance with the theme said in the world of insects. it makes you want to look closer to the attention to detail of the human butterfly, crickets spiders
9:49 pm
the dragonfly and more all performing with a mostly brazilian soundtrack, smooth and sell laboratory with a little bit of an action movie field. field. it still has a little bit of predictability the performance takes two and a half hours with an intermission that gives you plenty of time to buy overpriced souvenirs'. it is still a performance that you and your kids will enjoy. seed under the blue and yellow tents in the united center for august 21st, you can get more at my page of the web site. dean richards wgn's. >> the cubs exciting victory could be tempered by more injury. >> a big bat for the white sox today one of the smallest
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they cashed in for the win against the giants giving the cubs their ninth chance this year to get their first three game win streak when they face the white sox to mar afternoon. the cubs trailed 1-nothing in the ninth. brian wilson gives up his first in over one year. the cubs down 2-1 again. the game was tied at 2-2. and the cubs make it to in a row against the giants and the final was 5-2. >> as for the white
9:54 pm
the sox will be playing catch-up all day long. gordon beckham comes up and gets a base hit to center. later in the inning they tied it in the 10th. deep to right, off the wall. a big win for the white sox the final was 6-4 and they faced two of three in colorado. the two sides broke off contract talks in new york today. they say that they are losing money. they want to
9:55 pm
establish are harder salary gap they lost $300 million this past year. >> ice think our fans will tend to have a negative view of why cannot you guys work this thing now. out. i don't expect anything good to come out of this especially after the labor disputes when there were lockouts and strikes. >> they will be playing some games and taking in the sights of paris. it should be fun and educational. >> i took french class is in high school so i know a little bit of french already, i am not
9:56 pm
that good with it though. i can say my name. j'amepelle brandon. >> finally the bangle he is taking part in the pit crew now. he has played soccer this summer for kansas city riding a bull in the rodeo and alligator wrestling. maybe after that bungee jumping. >> that is the news for this thursday nights. >> updates 24 4/7. 4/7. check out
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skilling state judge wgn for updates. scalingsskilling'sm pa page on
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